SAMHC Executive Elections 2020

Join the SAMHC Executive team! The election nominations are open until March 5th! Grab your election package from the office NOW!!!



Chief Executive Office of the SA & political liaison with MHC

Vice President Internal

Budgeting, bylaws, student appeals & business planning

Vice President External

Volunteer coordinator, newspaper editor, surveys & student polls, advocacy

Vice President Community and Wellness

Planning & executing events, awareness weeks & peer support

The benefits to being a student executive are endless but to begin with, here are a few:

  • You get paid for the work you do!
    • President- $1200/month, Vice Presidents- $1100/month
    • 80% tuition reimbursed
  • Amazing networking opportunities
  • Influencing change that affects students at Medicine Hat College
  • A chance to stand out when you graduate with valuable experience on your resume

Here are some requirements of being a student leader:

  • Minimum 16 hours per week
  • Must be enrolled in at least 1 MHC credit class
  • Must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA

Still wondering if its a good fit for you? Contact the SAMHC office on 1-403-529-3925, stop by to talk to our current executives and staff or text us on our social media:

Instagram: @saofmhc

Facebook: @SAMHC

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