SAMHC Executive Candidates

Introducing your SAMHC Executive Election Candidates. There are 4 positions: President, VP Internal, VP External and VP Community and Wellness.
All the candidates are posted in descending alphabetical order of their names.
Due to COVID-19 precautions, the voting will be online. We will be posting for more updates. Stay tuned!

Yessy Kiswanda running for VP External
Veronica Yeoman running for President
Taylor Ohs running for VP Community & Wellness
Sarina Soltesz running for VP External
Harish Kumar running for VP External
CJ Silver running for VP Internal
Bergen Ehry running for VP External
Aimee Kathlyn Ann Lee running for VP External

Keep an eye out for emails on your accounts for more details on voting! Please support these candidates during these difficult and unprecedented times. Take care and wash your hands often!

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