Distance Learning Students

Full time distance learning students are eligible for the health & dental plan. An “eligible” student is defined as:

  • are a member of the Students’ Association of MHC; and
  • enrolled in a minimum of 9 credit courses at MHC; and
  • under the age of 65; and
  • are residing in Canada; and
  • covered under a provincial health care plan or equivalent

If a distance learning student is eligible, the student can opt-into the health & dental plan – they are not automatically enrolled as other full time students. In order to opt-into the benefits, the students can visit www.studentbenefits.ca and complete the Opt In Form. Once the form is submitted (if they are eligible) and the fees have been paid, they will get a notification that their application has been approved. Submitting the form does not guarantee coverage – the student must receive an approved email.

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