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Swag Bags Sponsors

We want to extend our thanks businesses around Medicine Hat who generously donated to the 2016/2017 orientation swag bags!

*Davis GMC Buicks phone number has an edit so when you are booking appointments us 403-527-1115 as their number*

*My Scrubs has also moved location to 112-, 1310 Kingsway Ave SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 2Y4*

Welcome New Students!

Welcome to all our new students! Come visit us down at your SA, check out our app on iOS and android, Were grilling up some burgs and dogs this afternoon there’re prizes and activities at the front of the college! Have a great day!!

Orientation Day

First day is right around the corner! First year students make sure you get into MHC on Sept 6th for orientation day for your chance to win an IPad brought to you by The MHC bookstore. There are a bunch of activities and helpful breakout sessions to set your college career on the right path!


ASEC was on MHC campus to check out our award winning peer support and mental health initiatives. Check out the video for interviews and more!


SAMHC is happy to extend our students graduating in 2016 our Congratulations we wish you the best in all the great things you’ll accomplish!

We also want to give a special Congratulations to our outgoing President and Vice President, Landon Heilman and Micheal Kraemer on finishing their degrees through our Mount Royal Collaboration!


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