About Us

Student’s Role

Students registered in one or more courses at Medicine Hat College main campus or Brooks campus pay fees to the SA. Fees are paid at the same time as tuition and are determined by how many courses a student is enrolled in. By paying these fees a student becomes a member of the Students’ Association (SA)!

Members hold the right to:

1. Vote in all SA elections and referendum
2. Join any club and hold office in any club recognized and supported by the SA
3. Run in SA executive or council representative elections
4. Serve on regular and special committees of the Association
5. Petition the Association, MHC Administration, or the College Board through the SA
5. Enjoy benefits provided by the SA in representation and programming which their student fees establish or support
6. Participate in all recreational and athletic programs supported by the SA.

Organization Structure

The Students’ Association is a Not for Profit organization comprised of elected students, permanent staff members, and volunteers. We are here to serve the students of Medicine Hat College.

The governing body in the SA is Council. During summer there are 4 council members and during the school year there are 6 council members dependent on the FLE. This group of elected or appointed students helps make strategic plans and decisions.

Serving with council is the Executive team. These individuals are also elected or appointed and serve from May to May.

The Executive team Positions are:

President (reports to Council)
Vice President Internal (Financials & Academic Advising)
Vice President External (Promotions & Advocacy)
Vice President Community & Wellness (Clubs & Student Engagement)

Serving with the Executive Team are the permanent team members:
Executive Director -Administrative Assistant
-Health & Wellness Coordinator -Brooks Campus Coordinator

These staff members provide mentorship to the Executive team. They give advice and use their own experience to problem solve and plan for the future.

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