SAMHC is proud to be a part of The Alberta Students’ Executive Council. ASEC is a member-driven organization that unites over 105,000 students from 14 post-secondary institutions across Alberta.

Established in 1982, ASEC advances its advocacy goals by taking a collaborative approach to developing solutions for students. Recent examples of successful ASEC policy proposals include the launch of the $1.5M Alberta Campus Mental Health Innovation Fund, the development of the Serving Communities Internship Program, and reforms to the student financial aid system.

ASEC Board of Directors 2018-2019 (top left): Marlene Morin-Executive Director, Lindsey  Comeau, Naomi Pela, Shelby Meyer, Brandon Vollweiter, Nicholas Newnes, and  Chaise Combs.
ASEC June 2018 Conference Attendees
photo credit: Madeline (Concordia University)

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