SAMHC is proud to be a part of The Alberta Students’ Executive Council. ASEC is a member-driven organization that unites over 105,000 students from 14 post-secondary institutions across Alberta.

Established in 1982, ASEC advances its advocacy goals by taking a collaborative approach to developing solutions for students. Recent examples of successful ASEC policy proposals include the launch of the $1.5M Alberta Campus Mental Health Innovation Fund, the development of the Serving Communities Internship Program, and reforms to the student financial aid system.

VP External Shelby Meyer (left)  was appointed  to the ASEC Board of Directors
VP Internal Evelyn Schottner (right) was appointed Board delegate for SAMHC at ASEC conference June 2018
ASEC Board of Directors 2018-2019 (top left): Marlene Morin-Executive Director, Lindsey  Comeau, Naomi Pela, Shelby Meyer, Brandon Vollweiter, Nicholas Newnes, and  Chaise Combs.
ASEC June 2018 Conference Attendees

photo credit: Madeline (Concordia University)