In Office Services

Need some Photocopying, Faxing, or Scanning done? In need of Condoms or Period Products? Want some college life comfy Merchandise?

Stop by the office, we have that!


If you need some copies made, stop by our office and we would be happy to make some for you. The cost is 0.10¢ cents per page for black and white and 0.50¢ cents per page for color.


If you need paper documents made digital, our office also offers scanning to email! Cost is $1.00 per scan to email. Put down your heavy bags or take a seat to wait for your scans!


We offer a cheap faxing service for our students. The cost is $1 per page within Canada/US and $2 per page for international calls. Local calls are free and to receive a fax at our office is no charge and we will hold your fax for one week, so don’t forget to pick them up! Our Fax Number is: 403-504-3522..


Offered in office- we have free condoms for pick up as you need them!

Pads & Tampons

Pads and tampons are available in our office should need arise and you find yourself without!


We have long and short sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, and crew-necks, coffee mugs, and wine tumblers all available for purchase in office! Check out our SA Merch page for items and prices!

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