SAMHC believes in creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere where students can interact, make new friends, and take a break from the stress of college classes. This 2020 Fall Semester, the SAMHC has put together a lineup of exciting virtual events including virtual concerts, social media contests, giveaways and so much more! We know this semester will be different, but we are committed to serving our students at the MHC the best we can! We can’t wait to see you there!  

Upcoming Events


[Scavenger Hunt]

September 3, 2020 @ 3:30pm

Join Vice-Presidents Taylor and Harish as they lead you on a virtual scavenger hunt! Due to the current limitations and restrictions the scavenger hunt will be online in the comfort of your own home. You will need a computer to connect and, we strongly recommend you turn on your video camera because we really do miss you all. Bring your big brain and a pen and paper because some riddles and puzzles are mixed in. Also, remember to wear pants to this event as the hosts will have you up and running around! Happy Scavenging, and don’t forget there are 5 prizes to be won just for participating, including a $50 Amazon gift card!

[Student Council NOMINATIONS]

September 2 – 16, 2020

Empowering Students’ Success. Empowering your success!
The SA is looking for council representatives for the upcoming 2020/2021 school year.

Becoming a council rep is a great way to be involved while attending MHC. The SA is a place where your voice and the voice of other students will be heard. Right meow is the time, with a world that is constantly changing before our eyes, be part of a bigger picture and make you time at MHC the most memorable it can be. Nominations will be open for 2 weeks and can be completed virtually. Students will need a minimum of 10 approved signatures to be considered eligible to run. A ‘signature’ is approved if the signee has a current MHC student number. Students will also need to choose a ‘manager’ who represents you on your behalf if you are unable, for example attending meetings and during the counting of the ballots.

For more information on the nomination process or to receive an elections nomination package please contact:

[Campus Kick Off – Concert]

September 10, 2020 @ 5:30pm
Link: CLICK HERE to attend!

Do you want to know what is better than your Students’ Association hosting events? The SA partnering with others to host BIGGER, BETTER, BADDER events!!

SAMHC is proud to announce their partnership with over 20 post secondary school across Canada, to host one great big “back to school” concert. Using the buying power of all participants, we were able to secure 6 amazing artists that we will stream live straight to you.
The concert will be accessible on any device capable of having Facebook. Artists will be streamed through the Facebook Live feature.
SAMHC is also giving away $$Cash$$ prizes for this event! 2- $250 cash prizes are up for grabs and will be given away to 2 random MHC students who attend the concert. And!! The Student Life Network and CIBC will be choosing one lucky student to receive free tuition for a year. The winning names will be announced before the last performer of the night. Yes you read that correct- FREE. MONEY. For watching a concert!

Join us and tons of other college students to party-it-up before the school year really gets busy. We will be celebrating to:

  • The Reklaws
  • Pink Sweat$
  • Lennon Stella
  • Tyson Ritter of the All American Rejects
  • A Tribe Called Red
  • Roy Woods

So, grab some friends, snacks, and your favorite beverage (water, pop, or tequila) and tune in to the hottest online campus concert of the year!

[Pride Week]

Pride week is celebrated each year by SAMHC in September. We begin our week with our Pride flag raising to be a symbol along with our Pride crosswalk. Our crosswalk is our year-round reminder of inclusion and safety for members of LGBTQ2S+; all are welcome at the SA! Everyone please come and join with the SA as we celebrate diversity with Pride week with the following events:

Monday September 14, 2020
Pride Flag Raising @ 9:00 AM & Drive Thru Giveaway @12:00pm (Tentative)
Tuesday September 15, 2020
Pride Photo Contest
Thursday September 17, 2020
Tight & Bright Zumba with BFFL! @ 4:10pm
Friday September 18, 2020
Trivia @ 3:30pm

[7 Day Photo Challenge]

September 21 – 28, 2020

Stay occupied and creative with our at-home, 7-day photography challenge!  
Starting Monday, September 21st to 28th at 4 pm, we will be posting on both our Instagram (@samhc) and Facebook (@saofmhc) pages a daily photo theme. Each day will have a different theme and you will have 24 hours from when the daily theme is posted to; take a picture, post it to your account, tag our account and use the hashtag #SAMHCPHOTOCHALLENGE2020 

Each day will have a different theme and the more you participate the more entries you get to win a prize!  

[Student Council ELECTIONS – VOTING]

September 24 – 25, 2020

Check your email and VOTE for your

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