Executive Team


Beth4X6Hello to both new and returning students, and welcome to Medicine Hat College! I am honoured to have been elected as your Students’ Association President and looking forward to a fantastic year. I am a third year Business student, small business owner and volunteer addict originally from small town Hanna, Alberta! As your President, it is my duty to make sure every student’s voice is heard within the Medicine Hat College, as well as to represent your best interests on a provincial level, through the Alberta Student Executive Council. By working collaboratively with you I know we can make this year an enormous success. The Students’ Association has many great resources and opportunities that I encourage you to take advantage of including a food bank, peer support centre, emergency student loan options,  appeal support and much more! Don’t forget to stop by our local campus bar, Crave for a  drink and a snack! I look forward to meeting many new people this year and encourage anyone and everyone to come visit us in the Students’ Association.

Vice President Internal

Melissa4X6I would like to first, thank everyone who voted and put their trust in me.  I will do my very best in this position to serve the Students as the Student Association Vice President Internal this school year.  This position manages policy and budgeting.  Also, supports students with academic and non-academic appeals.  I will do my very best to work on your behalf to resolve any disagreements that may arise.  If you received an unmerited grade, or feel you are being treated unfairly, book an appointment and let’s work this out!  I am very excited to assist you in any way possible to insure a positive experience during your time here, at the Medicine Hat College.

Vice President External

Dalton4X6Hello MHC students! Thank you all for re-electing me to represent you as VP External in the Students’ Association. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to act as the voice of the students once again. I can’t wait for another year of newspaper creation, club & volunteer coordination, swag planning & delivery… and all the other creative outlets I get to use, in order to serve YOU. Last year was an exciting and productive year in the SA and I don’t see this year as being any different. To me, “MHC at its best” is a college full of energy and I hope to part of an executive team that makes that possible. I am very keen to hear about your experiences and what you think we’re doing right here at SAMHC. Good luck this year… don’t forget to relax and have fun!

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