Student Executives

Student Executives serve alongside the SA council. These individuals are elected or appointed in March of each year and serve from May to May. They are permanent staff members of the SAMHC.
The Executive team positions are:

-President (reports to Council)
-Vice President Internal (Financials & Academic Advising)
-Vice President External (Promotions & Advocacy)
-Vice President Community & Wellness (Clubs & Student Engagement)

Next Executive Elections: May 2021

Here is your 2020-2021 SA Executive Team!

Veronica Yeoman

Phone: 403-529-3939

Hey there!
This is my second year with the SAMHC. Last year I was involved with student council, look at me now! I have some big plans in office this year including; strategic planning- researching and implementing what the SA means to students, staff and the community; student involvement- providing the opportunity and ability for students across all divisions to be involved in activities, events and experience; and advocacy for the students- being the voice to be heard for all students regarding rights, needs and wants. My number one priority is you! Outside the office I spend time with my kids, playing videogames and binging Netflix!

Feel free to contact me or stop by my office anytime, I would love to connect!

Cleodel Capiral

Vice President Internal
Phone: 403-529-3907

Greetings and Salutations!

This is my final year as a Business Administration, so I’ve thought to graduate with a little bang. I was once a student council member, but I’ve decided to run for the vacant VP Internal not too long ago. As a VP Internal, I handle academic appeals, budgeting, and reviewing financial statements and policy and bylaw. In short, I am more focused on the academic side of the college, and the person who you will contact if you need help in appealing your grades. I will listen to your situation, determine the best course of action, and guide you through the process.

If I’m not in my work-mode, I’d like to indulge in video games, literature, and writing. I currently own 2 typewriters and I use it to write my novel. I have a great interest in finance, Game of Thrones, and the Assassin’s Creed series.

I may be new in this position, but I can assure you that with everything I am— I will help you with the best of my ability. Drop me a line if you want to chat!

Harish Kumar

Vice President External
Phone: 403-529-3924

Hey there, I’m an international student. I’m studying environmental science in college because I love nature. As much as I love nature, I love to learn and do something new with the studies.

My responsibilities with this job are to organize and coordinate events, advocate for you at regional and national level organizations and oversee social media and press releases. If you want to discuss or talk about something, feel free to see me in the office.

Taylor Ohs

Vice President Community & Wellness
Phone: 403-529-3927

Hey there, and welcome to the Medicine Hat College!
This will be my second year with the SAMHC. Last year, I was a social work practicum student working alongside Haley, our Health and Wellness Coordinator! Now that I have completed the social work diploma program, I will be working towards my bachelors while also representing you, as your VP Community and Wellness Executive. My job responsibilities include but aren’t limited to; organizing and coordinating both social and cultural events, overseeing our social media accounts and website, being the liaison between all student clubs and societies to the Students’ Association, as well as chairing the events committee. When I am not in office, I am often found teaching dance, binge watching Netflix, hanging out with my friends or taking my pup to the dog park!

I strongly encourage students to be active with the SA, clubs and various services that the college has to offer. Your college experience is largely dependent on you becoming involved, and sometimes the most beneficial parts about college happen outside of the classroom!

Feel free to contact me or stop by my office at any time, I would love to chat!

Want to work with us?

Watch for the Student Council Elections in September!

Serving with the Executive Team are the permanent team members: Executive Director, Administrative Assistant, Health & Wellness Coordinator, and Brooks Campus Coordinator. These staff members provide mentorship to the Executive Team. They give advice and use their own experience to problem solve and plan for the future.

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