Student Executives

Student Executives serve alongside the SA council. These individuals are elected or appointed in March of each year and serve from May to May. They are permanent staff members of the SAMHC.
The Executive team positions are:

-President (reports to Council)
-Vice President Internal (Financials & Academic Advising)
-Vice President External (Promotions & Advocacy)
-Vice President Community (Clubs & Student Engagement)

Next Executive Elections: March 2023

Here is your 2022-2023 SA Executive Team!

Alysha Kuntz

Phone: 403-529-3939

Hey there!
This is my second year with the SAMHC. I have some big plans in office this year including; strategic planning- researching and implementing what the SA means to students, staff and the community; student involvement- providing the opportunity and ability for students across all divisions to be involved in activities, events and experience; and advocacy for the students- being the voice to be heard for all students regarding rights, needs and wants. My number one priority is you!

Feel free to contact me or stop by my office anytime, I would love to connect!

Lily Schaerer

Vice President Internal
Phone: 403-529-3907

Hello everyone!

I am currently in the Business Administration program, majoring in management. This will be my second year with SAMHC, as last year, I served as a Council Representative, where I was able to acquire foundational knowledge on the operations of the organization. This year, I look forward to utilizing my experience to embrace my new role as the Vice President Internal. My job responsibilities include but are not limited to; academic appeals, budgeting, reviewing financial statements, policy and bylaw.

I believe that my passion for helping others achieve greatness and success will prove beneficial to the student body. My main goal for this year is to contribute to a positive environment for everyone at MHC, done by strengthening the connection between the staff and students.

Outside the office, you can usually find me spending time with my friends or catching up on the newest reality television series.

I invite you to stop by my office to chat anytime!

Want to work with us?

Watch for the Student Council Elections in September 2023!

Serving with the Executive Team are the permanent team members: Executive Director, Administrative Assistant, Health & Wellness Coordinator, and Brooks Campus Coordinator. These staff members provide mentorship to the Executive Team. They give advice and use their own experience to problem solve and plan for the future.

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