Executive Team


Hello! This is my 5th year involved with SAMHC. I served 3 years as your Vice President External, and one as a member of the student council. My goals for SAMHC as President include, having a strong and informed voice on campus and in parliament on key issues arising that involve your education, building on the strong foundation of inclusion and acceptance at our institution, and creating a tight knit community of students from all divisions. When I am not in office, I like to spend my time at the golf course, with my pup, or playing softball. If anyone wants to play a round or needs a spare hit me up!

Finally, SAMHC is the students voice on campus and in this province, and we intend to fight for every right that you deserve.

Vice President Internal

Hello, I was born in Lethbridge, but have lived in Medicine Hat for most of my life. The majority of my life has been spent working with my parent’s in their various businesses, and I plan on growing my business knowledge by completing the business degree here at MHC.

I love working, travelling, and letting life guide you in all sorts of directions. I’ve been blessed to visit around 14 different countries, and love seeing all the different cultures being embraced here at MHC. Honesty, integrity, and being open minded are some values of mine; as well as striving to be continually learning.

I strongly encourage all students to be active with the SA, clubs, and various programs that the college has to offer. Your college experience is largely dependent on you becoming involved, and sometimes the most beneficial parts about college happen outside of the classroom! You’re only going to be a College student once, so make every part of it count.

Feel free to stop in at my office anytime for a visit or help with appeals and academic integrity questions.

Vice President External

Hey there, I am an international student from India, although, I say sorry and love Tim Hortons as much as anyone else. My job responsibilites include organizing and coordinating events, overseeing social media and press relases, advocating and representing you at regional and national level organizations. I am an avid reader and love to be creative. I am majoring in Marketing in my Business Administration diploma. I enjoy travelling and being outdoors as much as I do curling up in a blanket with a nice book.

SAMHC is here for you, to do right by you and represent your best interests and if you ever have any questions, concerns or suggestions, do feel free to drop in at our office and we would love to help you!