Student Council

Elections for the Eight Council Representative positions are done in September of each year.  These representatives work with the SA Executive to administer the assets of the Association, as well as represent the SA on various committees throughout the year. Council Representatives have a minimum time commitment of two hours per month for the monthly Students’ Association Council (SAC) Meeting. The elected council representatives hold their positions from October until the following April.

2018-2019 Student Council

Top left to right: Sydney Campbell, Ashley Unruh, Alison Lee. Bottom left: Joshua Ruiz Ronquillo, Luke Gust, Julia Menke, Dalton Ehry.
Dalton Ehry
Third Year Bachelor of Business
Member of: MHC Gamer's Guild and Enactus MHC

Julia Menke
First Year Bachelor of Nursing
Member of: Undergraduate  Bachelor of Nursing Club

Luke Gust
First Year Paramedic

Joshua Ruiz Ronquillo
First Year UT Pre-Med Sciences

Alison Lee
Third Year Bachelor of Business Administration 
Member of: Enactus MHC, Indigenous (in)Visibility Club

Ashley Unruh
First Year Business Administration 

Sydney Campbell

First Year Business Administration
Member of: Enactus MHC, Business Administration Students