#1: If I opted out of my Health Benefits in September, do I have to do it again in January?

-No. You only need to opt out of your plan once per year. But you do have to opt out every year you attend MHC.

#3: I paid the fees and I receive the student Health Benefits. What is covered on these plans?

-To see what is covered, please visit http://www.studentbenefits.ca and select the SAMHC logo. There is a ton of in-depth informaiton regarding your plan on the website. You can also set up your online account there and make claims, set up direct deposit, and check your benefit balance.

#5: I would like to appeal a grade. What are the steps I need to take to do this?

-The first step is to speak with your instructor regarding the problem. Most student issues can be solved by having a simple conversation with your instructor and what resolution you would like. If speaking with your instructor does not solve the problem, email sa_internal@mhc.ab.ca for your next steps. Out VP Internal will be able to guide you further through the appeal process.

#7: I would like to join a club. How would I go about doing this?

-Our club list and club president contact list is updated regularly on our website in the Clubs tab. If you find a club you are interested in, just email the club president for more information.

#2: If I missed the Health Benefit opt out deadline in September, can I opt out in January?

-No. If you missed the deadline in September you are not eligible to opt out in January. You must opt out during the first semester you are considered a full-time student (9 credits or more).

#4: How can I rent a locker and what are the fees associated?

-To rent a locker visit the SAMHC office (F113). We can only accept cash as payment. For our fees please check out our Services page on our website!

#6: I am low on funds and in need of some food assistance. How does your on-campus food bank work?

-Students can access the food bank once per month and take approximately 3 days worth of food. Our on campus food bank is an emergency service and is not sustainable for ongoing long term use. Check out our Services or Health & Wellness page for more information!

#8: How do I start my own club?

-To start a club check out the Clubs tab on our website for the current manual and sample constitution. For more information or to pick up a package come visit the SA office and talk to a staff member or our VP Community & Wellness!

For any other questions to addressed here please feel free to send us an email from our Contact page, or stop by the office for a chat!

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