Student Benefits Plans

>>Student Benefits<< Click here for more details, or visit the Students’ Association Office in F113.

2020-2021 MHC Students Opt out/Add dependents deadline September 22, 2020

Benefits are coverage for health and dental.
*Part-time Students (enrolled in less than 9 credits) are not eligible for Benefits.
**International Students are enrolled by the International Office (C226) through For more information of coverage visit or

The students of MHC decided by referendum that all full-time students were to be covered by extended health and dental insurance (Benefits) while studying at MHC. With the mandate, the Students Association of MHC has worked diligently to provide access to a comprehensive benefit plan while keeping the rates reasonable to ensure affordability for all students. If a student is already covered by another extended health and dental plan, the student has the option to keep the MHC coverage to enhance their existing plan or to “opt-out” of the MHC student plan. Opting out MUST be completed prior to the “Opt-Out” deadline or the student must pay the fee.

If you are enrolled at MHC, and meet the following eligibility requirements you are automatically enrolled into the Benefit plans. SAMHC Benefit plans offer students many benefits including, but not limited to, dental, vision, and prescription coverage!

An “eligible” student is defined as:

  • Member of SAMHC
  • Enrolled in minimum 9 credits
  • Under age 65
  • Residing in Canada
  • Covered under a provincial health care plan or equivalent (ie: Alberta Health)
  • Not enrolled in a Distance Learning* program at MHC

*Distance Learning students will receive a letter if they become eligible explaining how to enroll in the Benefits.

Full coverage information can be found here:

**If you have successfully opted out of coverage, you will receive an “APPROVED” confirmation email, be sure to keep your confirmation email. If you have not received an “APPROVED” confirmation email, you have NOT successfully opted out.
Please contact SAMHC at (403)529-3925 before the opt out deadline if you are encountering problems opting out with the online waiver. ** 

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