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Financial Aid

Here are some scholarship and bursary opportunities!
By clicking the link above you will also be able to navigate to student loans or tuition and fees information.

Everything you need to manage your time at MHC is just a click away!

Counselling Services @ MHC

Chaplaincy Services @ MHC

Student life can be difficult. Adjusting to a new environment and a new learning experience can be a source of stress. Not all stress is bad, but when stress is negatively affecting your life, it might be time to find someone you can trust and share whatever is troubling you. The Interfaith Centre is a peaceful space where your Chaplain can be a confidential, non-judgmental presence and a friendly companion to walk alongside you in times of trouble. We offer a dedicated prayer space in the Interfaith Centre, and our food ministry programming provides free snacks, soup lunches and emergency grocery gift cards. Make the Interfaith Centre a stop on your educational journey and enjoy a more peaceful college experience.

Email: or Phone/Text: 403.581.8199

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