Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness Services

Acting on a drop-in-basis, MHC students can access support easily and confidentially at the Peer Support Center. Among the services offered are sexual health information and safe sex supplies, menstrual products, food bank support, and community referrals. All services are offered by the Peer Support Team which consists of our Health & Wellness Coordinator and staff at the SA.


Email: or
Phone: 403-529-3925 or 403-502-8993

Mental Heath and Community Education Initiatives

Our Health & Wellness Coordinator also works to increase awareness on campus because there are so many things that affect the health and well-being of students. In turn these things can affect success in post-secondary and overall happiness! Activities are run to engage students in discussion or reflection on relevant issues such as stress reduction and coping, academic awareness, mental health promotion, sexual health awareness, drug and alcohol use and abuse, as well as sexual assault and consent. Keep your eyes peeled on campus to see what events are coming up – all are free for students and offer a wide range of goodies from pet therapy to boost your mood to free food and prizes!

Food Bank

We offer short term assistance by providing access to an on-campus Food Bank at our office. We are able to provide students with a 3-day supply of food and refer to the Medicine Hat and District Food Bank for those that are in greater, long term need.

We collect data on our users in order to advocate for student needs. All personal information collected is unavailable to anyone outside of the SA Food Bank. Only statistical data is released to stakeholders for advocacy purposes. Statistical information includes the number of students accessing services, the funding sources of students in need, and their demographic data. Any person accessing the Peer Support Center is expected to adhere to the Confidentiality and Respect Principles posted in the center.

Sex Health

Period Products


Dental Dams

Information & Resources

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