Crave transfer of ownership

The following was sent to students in response to the decision to transfer ownership of Crave pub to the College. We see value in having a pub on campus, we were suffering significant loss financially. With this decision, the college can operate Crave how they choose and we wish them the greatest success. We will still be hosting events and working with the College to make campus a place students want to be.

Student leaders have voted to hand operations of the Crave restaurant and gym food kiosk to Medicine Hat College, effective April 30, 2019.

In an email to students, SA president Beth Lewis says, “SAMHC has owned and operated Crave for almost a decade with a loss of about $15,000 every year. Clearly, this is not a good use of student fees.”

She explains that student leaders feel they can serve students better by shifting their time and attention to other matters. Student Council voted unanimously in favour of the change.

The college will be reviewing the opportunities generated by the students’ decision.

Wayne Resch, acting president, says there are a range of options ahead. “We will consider all options and determine how we can best serve students, campus guests, and our own needs.”

Existing bookings and events will be managed by Crave, or in cooperation with MHC’s food services. Following the usual pattern, Crave will shut down over the summer.

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