Social Media Ambassadors

We are looking for 6 dedicated students to join our team as Social Media Ambassadors.

The Social Media Ambassador is a stellar way to connect with your fellow students at MHC. As an Ambassador, you will keep students “in the know” with the inside scoop on SA Events, clubs and happenings at Medicine Hat College. The goal of this position is to maintain an engaging and relevant social media presence, while offering a variety of viewpoints.

What we are looking for includes a strong sense of style, photography skills, graphic design, writing skills, video editing knowledge, social media presence and most importantly- an outgoing personality! It does not matter what year of study or program you are in, this can be for anyone!

What exactly does an Ambassador do? Ambassadors will use Instagram to post stories of their college life. This will vary in content depending on the person, for example: someone brushing their teeth at a booth in finals, meals in Crave or a selfie at an event. Depending on their skill set, Ambassadors can blog on our website, create posters or vlog as well.

Incentives to join include:

  • Positive work experience with a team
  • free SAMHC swag
  • participation in SAMHC events
  • monetary value of $75/semester (when requirements are met)

To become a Social Media Ambassador:

  • must be a current student with a GPA of 2.0 or greater
  • vetting of current social media profiles
  • must align with SAMHC values and mission statement

If you can check all these boxes and still on the fence if this position is for you or not, stop by our offices and we can chat! To apply, please email a basic resume including your student number and social media account names for review to Shelby at by September 25th.


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