Mo’ November Activities


45498086_2123693731280572_5554957984494256128_oIt’s that time of the year again, when we remember the men in our lives and draw attention to men dying young. Movember focusses on the ‘Big 3′ testicular cancer, prostate cancer and men’s mental health. The Students’ Association has created awareness and social events for the month that are fun and educational to join.

November 5-8 Guess the ‘Stache45413344_2123048638011748_2967920825006555136_n

Guess whose famous moustache made the cut on the boards outside of the SA offices November 5-8. Get them all right and you could win a pair of tickets to the Canadian rock band the Glorious Sons November 8th at the Canalta Centre. Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?

November 7 Make your own Moustache


Ever wonder what you would look like with a mustache? Well now your questions have been answered use the super cool 3-D printer in the Library Makerspace November 7th from 3-6pm to make a wearable moustache!



November 8 Banger Bingo

B-I-N-G-O BABY! the headbanging, mullet wearing moustache men are back to bring some raunchy comedic relief to midterm season. Last year this event held 150+ people and EVERYONE loved it. Prizes range from Isaac’s Barbershop Giftcards, Arbonne, hoodies, Nerf guns, Speak Out, Pie-In-the-Face, beer coolers, sex toys, condoms and candy.
Bingo starts at 7pm in  the Den outside Crave Campus Bar. Must be legal drinking age to enter with a valid government issued ID. Bring your Student Id to get in free and $5 for non-students. 

November 19 International Men’s Day

I bet you’re wondering, “Why have an International Men’s day? Men are not the minority.” and although you might be right, Men’s Day is an important day to recognize our brothers. Some facts to consider are:

  • Men constitute 76% of suicides
  • Men constitute 85% of homeless people
  • men are the victims of 70% of homicides
  • Men are the victims of 40% of family violence (it is also family violence awareness month!!)
  • Men are victims of most violent crime
  • Men serve 64% longer prison sentences
  • Men are 92% of deaths in the workplace
  • Men are 3.4times more likely than women to be imprisoned for the same crime as women

We encourage those seeking supports to talk to our peer supporters or Health and Wellness Coordinator Jaycene Mock. Our office girl gang supports the boys and will have a booth outside the office with products for men’s mental and physical health.


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