Merchandise 2019

In January 2019 we got creative with our friends fron Frontier Signworks in Brooks and came out with new Merchandise! We love the styles, fit and design but to be honest Maybe I love the story a little more.

In August, SAMHC hired Cyndi, a graphic designer to work as our Brooks Campus Coordinatoor. She fit in our team seamlessly and her creative side was invaluable to our team and social media presence! Like all good things do, Cyndi left to occupy a full time position at Frontier Signworks, a print shop in Brooks. We wished her the best but wouldn’t let her go that easy. We wanted new swag that fit in 2019 (Goodbye tie-dye!). She created a collection of designs that were beautiful and unique to us while still being gear that we want to wear to work!

Brooks hosts our satellite campus so supporting a local Brooks business was obvious. We ordered hoodies, sweatshirts, tees and long sleeves that will appeal to everyone. The service was great and gave us a little more time with Cyndi. Please stop by our offices and check out our gear or attend our events where grand prize winners are lucky enough to get some new stuff!

*Models are Council Members and Executives. Pride Shirts by MacDesigns

-VP External, Shelby.

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