Crave Service Agreement Updates

(Students of) Medicine Hat College,

As representatives for the entire student body, our mission is to use student fees in a manner that supports and empowers our membership. Over the past eight years our organization has been challenged with operating our food and beverage establishment, Crave. Crave (originally The Den) is a hub on campus for students to receive a sit-down dining experience in a student-focused and student-ran pub. We have worked tirelessly over the years to ensure that the food and drink items are desirable and affordable, the events we hold are appealing to students and that all students feel safe in this space.

The past three years have seen SAMHC Executives take action to improve Crave’s financial standing. Unfortunately, Crave has been negatively impacted over the years by a lack of disposable income of students, reduced trade seats and minimum wage increases.

As we prepare for a future of economic uncertainty, we must ensure that the Students’ Association is not only sustainable but even more importantly, student-focused. Since 2008, Crave has lost over $140,000. We do not take this loss lightly as we like you, pay student fees.

In an effort to ensure we are student-focused and future ready, we are proposing that as of April 30, 2019 Crave is no longer run by the Students’ Association. We have begun working with the College to negotiate a transfer of ownership as we strongly believe Crave is a critical component of our campus.

We would appreciate any student feedback or questions and encourage you to attend our Open House February 13th in the Den from 12:00 to 2:00 with a presentation at 12:15, or by email to

Sincerely, Beth Lewis, Evelyn Schottner & Shelby Meyer 00000000000

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